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January 2017

Staff Spotlight – Edmonton Office Robert Dawson

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Our Staff Spotlight is one of the ways we celebrate the excellence of our workforce across all of our Barnes and Partners Solicitors branches. We take the opportunity to give you a glimpse into the lives of some of our fantastic legal professionals.

This month we shine the spotlight on Robert Dawson, Conveyancer, at our Edmonton Barnes and Partners Solicitors office.

BandPS Edmonton

Robert is in his seventh year as a Barnes and Partners employee. In his years with us he has become a vital part of our team and his enthusiasm, work ethic and skills are illustrated in the way he carries out his daily role.

This is what Robert has to share with us:

I cut my teeth at a high street solicitors firm in my hometown of Billericay, starting off learning post-completion matters. Whilst there a solicitor took me under his wing to learn about the conveyancing process – I was fortunate to have my skills nurtured and receive this guidance, which culminated with me running my own caseload during the end of my five-years at the firm.

Fresh opportunities came calling and I joined a panel conveyancing firm called DC Law in Basildon and there I handled volume conveyancing transactions, working with Move With Us. After more experience with another high street firm, in 2007 I ventured out to seek a new position at a well-established, larger firm. I hoped to find fresh challenges and it was then I was offered a role at Barnes and Partners.

Barnes and Partners

I was asked to cultivate my own workload from local estate agents and I am now handling a full caseload from local estate agents. During my time here I qualified as a licensed conveyancer, followed by a qualification as a legal executive.

Currently a day-in the life of me constitutes daily contact with clients and estate agents. I am always doing my best to maintain contact with my clients and I care about giving them a quality service and experience. I am conscious that in the legal world processes can be complex and by their nature slow, but my aim is to progress clients’ transactions to completion as quickly as possible without compromising thoroughness.

I enjoy the face-to-face client contact that I have, which helps build a strong relationship that I don’t feel can be achieved as well merely by e-mail or telephone. I gain a huge amount of job satisfaction through helping clients get a successful outcome and the fact that I have the opportunity to cultivate my own clients and build my own little business under the B&P umbrella, makes it even better from a personal achievement point of view.

I am constantly learning from different transactions and from dealing with various types of people and their needs. This helps me to continue to develop and improve the way I work and the customer service I can offer.

Barnes and Partners genuinely does feel more like family than work colleagues and this is not something I have experienced during my working life before. It really makes all the difference. The management are progressive and encourage the staff to have an input, this makes everyone feel part of the team and there is no distance between employees and partners. I believe this makes everyone feel valued and not afraid to communicate with the partners.

I honestly live and breathe my job as I love it! That said I do of course love to spend my spare time with my partner and children. I also really enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants as well as improving my handicap on the golf course.


golf legal conveyancing

Many thanks to Robert for sharing this with us. Robert’s colleagues say of him “he always displays maturity and commitment. He is very organised and gives an outstanding service” and “he is knowledgeable, helpful and an all around nice guy.”

We are proud to have Robert as a dedicated member of the Barnes and Partners’ team.

If you have a question for Robert at our Barnes and Partners Solicitors Edmonton branch then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – 0208 884 2277

New Year Resolutions – Your Will?

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New Year Resolution - WillJanuary is that time of year again when we make New Year resolutions and consider what we should be doing – reviewing last year and planning for the future. Yet on the list of spending more time with the family, going on a diet, giving up smoking and joining the gym, why do many of us not include making a Will when considering our New Year priorities? Most of us appreciate we don’t know what is around the corner, yet it seems that such an important document does not feature high on our list of things to do in our lives.

A Will is the most important documents that many people will ever sign. It ensures that your wishes are carried out when you are no longer around. A Will has the power to appoint guardians for our children under the age of 18, can express your funeral wishes, including any specific music or other personal preferences, it can also make provision for the security of our pets, perhaps most importantly though, it adds certainty to our wishes of who should benefit from our estate. That said, even if you don’t have many assets, a Will is still important as it can outline how your personal effects (including intellectual property and social media accounts) should be handled and by whom. You can also ensure that people you trust are appointed as Executor to your estate; these are the people that will deal with our affairs after our death and take control of administering our estates.

Signing a Barnes and Partners WillThis is a hugely powerful document and incorporates many benefits, such as Inheritance Tax planning, planning for the future needs of our children and ensuring peace of mind that all gifts, big and small, go to those people who we would want them to.

You may have seen in the media recently that there have been recent changes in the way that our estates are taxed upon death. The government has recently introduced a ‘Main Residence Nil Rate Band’, that provides an additional tax-free allowance to persons leaving their property to a direct descendant.

Here at Barnes and Partners, we recognise how important it is that your home and life savings pass to the people you choose. Wills can be complex and unfortunately, too often, online and DIY Wills cut-corners or do not cover all the legal ground they should. We welcome you to telephone our offices and fix a time to meet with a dedicated member of our Wills and Probate Team, to discuss your wishes for your Will. Alternatively, please feel free to visit one of our ten offices and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate how difficult it is to keep to those New Year’s resolutions, but protecting your future is actually cheaper than the gym, easier than going on that diet and has a tangible long-term benefit that won’t be undone with over indulgence or slipping off the band-wagon.

We wish all clients old and new a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Happy 2017!

Kim Boylett, B&P Solicitors Enfield