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April 2017

Know Your Neighbours

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The Daily Express have recently reported that “7 out of 10 Britons admitted never speaking to those living around them”. Some may say it is a sign of the times.


Neighbours Disputes - Barnes and Partners Solicitors


As a solicitor specialising in residential conveyancing the moving process for both buying and indeed selling can be stressful not least in relation to the upheaval in peoples own lives whether it be moving for jobs or schools but the whole upheaval of moving from a place you have known and people you have known.


Here at Barnes & Partners we endeavour to reduce the stress wherever possible and are on hand to update you through your transaction or answer any questions you may have. With the same solicitor overseeing your transaction from start to finish there is always an expert who can help.


Whilst of course it is necessary for Sellers to disclose neighbour disputes when asked the question for the most part people are saddened to leave neighbours behind and the remaining neighbours may be restless until they know who is moving in next door!


If looking for a property to buy to live in it is always a good idea to visit the property/area at different times and speak with the neighbours, we find that most people are always keen to have a good chat.


Good neighbours can be hard to find but when found are worth their weight in gold. Personally I’ve been lucky with my neighbours, especially my very first neighbour who obviously thought he would be living next to a quiet single woman (me!) and over the next five-years found that situation turned into something quite different with the introduction of my partner and then two small children in the mix. The odd glass of wine shared in the kitchen with my neighbour then turned into the conspiratorial eating of chocolate buttons with the kids! Recently, now as a family, I have moved again. I consider myself fortunate to have found another set of wonderful neighbours. Unfortunately they are not so lucky to have us, especially as my older daughter has discovered baking and the neighbours get to sample the results (having seen the neighbours recently I am glad to say that they still seem relatively healthy).


Having conflicts or issues with your neighbours can be extremely stressful. One member of staff from our head office recently moved home and, whilst told it was a family friendly area with lots of children around, has actually found himself neighbouring some particularly energetic students, who love heavy metal music at all times of day and night.


If you are not as fortunate as I have personally been and find yourself the subject of a neighbour dispute then our litigation department is on hand to assist having a wealth of experience in this area. You can reach Andrew Brett on 0208 370 2800.


Nicola Payne, B&P Solicitors Chingford


Staff Spotlight Enfield Head Office Andrea Kamaris

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Welcome to April’s Staff Spotlight. Staff Spotlight gives you the opportunity to glimpse into the lives of our workforce and the special people who make Barnes and Partners the Solicitors firm that it is.

Every month at Barnes and Partners we take votes to nominate one of our exceptional staff so that we can publicly recognise and celebrate their excellent qualities. Once a winner is announced internally we provide a spotlight on that member of the team, something we call our “Staff Spotlight.”

Our winner this month is from our Accounts team at Enfield Head Office – Andrea Kamaris.

She is great asset to the team and she is described by her colleagues as “a joy to work with” “approachable” and they say she “always takes her job seriously and gives 100%” as well as hardworking and always going above and beyond“.

Andrea is a wonderful woman to have in our Accounts team, find out a bit more about her in Andrea’s own words below:

“I have been working for the firm for one and a half years working for the Accounts Department.  My day to day work is very busy as I work for a number of different branches, managing their client account information, dealing with bank queries and client account reconciliations. 

Accounts at Barnes and Partners

I started working as a receptionist in a firm of Accountants and I left there because it was only a part time role and I really wanted a full time position.  I had a friend who worked for Barnes and Partners Solicitors who told me that a position was available in the Accounts Department and I went for it!  I have been working for Barnes and Partners ever since.

In terms of what I love most about my role, I really enjoy working here because of the people I work with. 

In my spare tome I love to socialise and go out with friends and family, taking some time out to have fun and relax.”

Thank-you for your words Andrea.

It is wonderful to know that it was a Barnes and Partners’ team member who recommended the role to Andrea in the first place but Andrea was a fantastic fit and a valuable member of the Barnes and Partners family.

Accounts Departments are obviously an integral part of business and we are really proud of Andrea and our whole Accounts personnel who do a great job for our clients and us.