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By November 22, 2017Barnes and Partners

At Barnes and Partners Solicitors we have specialist teams in property, family law and immigration and more. So whether you are buying your first home, going through a divorce or need help with Wills and probate – we are solicitors for life – helping you at every stage. We can take care of your legal needs wherever you are in life.

These life events can be stressful but we are proud of our team who can help support you through these issues. Our Staff Spotlight celebrates the talent of our people and gives you a glimpse into the lives of our wonderful staff so you can see what makes them tick.

Today we want to introduce you to our Head Cashier at our Head Office, Alpha Ngobeh. His colleagues say he is “a fun, friendly guy” and everyone will tell you how helpful he is and “jobs that could have been difficult to manage become so easy with his help”.

Here’s Alpha’s story in his own words:

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate me in October’s Staff Spotlight.

I have been at Barnes and Partners for 11 years now and can honestly say that even though the job can be stressful I enjoy my working life here.

Alpha and kids Enfield Barnes and Partners


I started working at Barnes & Partners in the Accounts Department as a temp office junior way back in 2005 and was made a permanent member of staff a couple of months later. After two years I was offered a job with royal mail. I then left Barnes and Partners to pursue a job at Royal Mail as a postman / delivery driver but left after a year, as I felt the job was not challenging enough for me.

I returned to Barnes and Partners determined to challenge myself in my role and work my way up the ranks. I am now the Head Cashier of the Accounts Department!

My role as Head Cashier is to oversee the Accounts Department and make sure things run smoothly; if problems do arise I have to deal with them in a timely manner to rectify.

My day starts by taking my kids to school on one side of Enfield and then rushing across Enfield to work, where no two days are the same! Once at work I start my day by checking and responding to emails, checking our banking system to make sure all is well and arranging any international payments that need to be sent out.

I then produce a Legal Aid claim or two, then proceed to work in the Credit Control Department chasing the debts owed to the firm. After this I check the team’s claims to make sure that they are good to submit. In-between this I troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

The thing I most enjoy about working for Barnes and Partners is the variety in the role. One day I could be processing bills then the next chasing the HMRC. I would like to also thank my team that are so hard working and make my job a smoother one.

I live in North London with my partner and four kids (two boys and two girls) who are 12,10,8 and 6. Having four children and working full time is very challenging but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Alpha Enfield Barnes and Partners

I am a die-hard Arsenal fan and attend matches with my sons in my spare time. I also enjoy bike riding & walking with my kids, and reading biographies / fiction. I’m also learning to play the piano to keep up to speed with my kids!

Thanks to Alpha for telling us more about his experiences as Head Cashier at Barnes and Partners Enfield.

We hope you have found it interesting to see the other side of our team, that aren’t always client facing but are so important to the smooth running of the firm.


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