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Conveyancing refers to the branch of legal practice which deals with the transfer of a property title from one person to another, and is an important legal aspect of moving home. We offer a range of conveyancing services here at Barnes and Partners, all administered by our highly trained and experienced conveyancing specialists.

Our specialist department can help you with purchases and sales, tenancy disputes, boundary disputes, mortgage and re-mortgages and also rights of way. Our one-to-one customised conveyancing service uses a combination of innovative, online technology and direct solicitor access. This means our service is swift, efficient and direct whilst also benefiting from being personal and tailored to your individual situation.


Buying or selling a house? For more information on any of our conveyancing services, get in touch with the professional solicitors at Barnes and Partners today.


We offer the best solutions for cost effective help with purchases & sales, tenancy agreements, boundary disputes & mortgages.

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