We offer a wide range of family law services here at Barnes and Partners, all designed to deal with family issues sensitively and considerately. We understand how devastating problems within your family can be, which is why we offer fully qualified staff that specialise in matters of family law.

We understand the impact relationship breakdowns can have upon families. Our role is to minimise the conflict and to encourage communication and we shall explore alternatives to litigation such as mediation or negotiation with you. However, there are some occasions when the interests of clients are such that urgent court action is necessary. In such cases we are able to move very swiftly often able to make an application on the same day as receiving your instructions


Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with matters regarding children, our dedicated solicitors have a wealth of experience and offer a personal, but professional, approach. Emergency injunctions and legal aid work are also undertaken.

For more information on any of our family law services, please contact the professionals at Barnes and Partners today. Additionally, if you need urgent help we can guarantee an appointment within 24 hours.

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Need urgent help?
Our family law department can guarantee an appointment within 24 hours.