Immigration law solicitors

immigration-lawAt Barnes and Partners Solicitors we believe in providing excellent representation to everyone, regardless of your current immigration status.

Our UK immigration solicitors are well seasoned and knowledgeable in the evolving and complex UK immigration law and we have a proven track record of successful UK visa applications.

We provide advice and assistance  for partners or spouses  looking to regularise their stay in the UK.  We  also provide advice and assistance to overstayers, students,  bereaved partners, parents of children who are British citizens or  with limited leave in the UK,  victims of domestic violence, EU citizens , Appeals to the lower and higher tribunal,  deportations  and  citizenship applications for children and adults.   Our services also covers all applications from outside the UK,  such as spousal applications,  applications for children to join their parents, visiting visa’s   and student applications.

Our professional immigration solicitors will lead you through the decision making process with a skilled hand.  Furthermore, we appreciate just how personal immigration law is and will guide you through the complexities of the processes in a supportive manner, whilst providing you with the best chance of a successful outcome.

Barnes and Partners Solicitors have experience in acting in the following areas of immigration law; extension of stay on the grounds of private life  in the UK and long residence in the UK.   We deal with initial applications for leave to remain in the UK and extension of stay on the grounds of family life which includes children, unmarried couples and married couples. We are highly proficient in matters of EU Law, human rights applications, immigration appeals and deportations, as well as applications for UK citizenships and UK visiting visas and settlement visas.

Furthermore our experience spans successfully applying for UK student visas including Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 visa applications under the five tier points-based system. We are also able to help in all manner of UK passport and travel document applications.

Barnes and Partners Solicitors’ specialises in UK immigration law and not other countries’ immigration law. With offices in London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas we are well positioned to help individuals seeking UK immigration law advice.

With over  10 years in immigration law, you can trust our well-established reputation for excellence. 

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