Client Questionnaire - Purchase of Property

Address of Property to Purchase

Your Telephone Nos.






Email address:

Personal Details

1. Give FULL names (Inc. all Christian or forenames) and address in block capital letters of all the Purchasers.

b) Give National Insurance Number for all buyers

c) Please confirm date of birth for all buyers

d) Please confirm occupation and employment status of all buyers

2. Are all the Purchasers aged 18 and over? If not give details.

3a) If more than one person is purchasing do you wish to purchase so that on the death of one of you the survivor automatically inherits the whole of the property.

b) If not do you wish the property to be held in individual shares?

c) Are you contributing equally to the purchase?

d) If you have answered yes to any of the above 3(a) to 3(c) then please sign and return the attached joint tenants/tenants in common form

4. Will anyone else be occupying the property? If so, please give full names and ages and confirm that you have informed the lender of this fact.

5. Is any part of the purchase price being paid directly to the Seller

6a Will you be using the proceeds of sale of your present property to assist you in the purchase of this property? If so, please supply details.

6b Is the property that you are selling your principle main residence?

7. Please indicate the purpose of the purchase of this property

8. Do you or your spouse/civil partner own any other properties anywhere in the world?

9. Have you previously, either alone or with others, acquired a major interest in a dwelling anywhere in the world?

The Property

1. What is the agreed price of the property?

2. Have there been any extensions or alterations made to the property including the fitting of double-glazing?

3. Does the Property contain a separate building and/or annexe which is used or capable of being used as a separate dwelling

3. Are you obtaining vacant possession of the whole of the property?

4. Is the property vacant at present?

The Property

1. State the amount of Mortgage for which you have applied.

2. Please give the name, address and telephone number of the Broker/Financial advisor dealing with the Mortgage.

3. To which Building Society/Bank are you applying for the Mortgage?

4. Are you providing the balance of the money out of your own resources without recourse to any further borrowing or gift?

4.1 Please confirm the amount of deposit you will be providing for exchange

4.2 Please confirm the source of the balance of funds

4.3 Please provide proof of balance of funds that is at least 3 months old

4.4 Are you buying under the Help to Buy ISA or similar scheme?

5. What deposit have you paid to the Estate Agent?

Please give name address and telephone number of the Estate Agents.

Local Authority Environmental and Drainage Searches

We suggest that these are put in hand as soon as possible in order to avoid any delay. Please let us have £500.00 on account


Please confirm who recommended you to Barnes and Partners

Protecting yourself from Property Fraud

Fraudsters are becoming ever more inventive and successful in committing fraud and property owners are now considered a risk target.

Property fraud can happen to anyone in many ways. Properties that are either vacant, tenanted, being refurbished or mortgage free are considered more vulnerable to fraud, but those with mortgages are still targeted. Fraudsters may attempt to acquire ownership of a property either by using a forged document to transfer it into their own name, or by impersonating the registered owner.

Many homeowners will be unaware that information held with the Land Registry is available to view by anyone through the Land Registry website. Unfortunately this includes fraudsters, who can easily find out who owns a property, their correspondence address, lender details and even samples of their signature.

What can you do to protect your property?

Register an Anti-Fraud Restriction on your property title

The best option available, which will block any changes to your register, is where an Anti-Fraud Restriction is registered with the Land Registry to reduce the risk of property fraud. This means you can stop the Land Registry registering a sale or mortgage on your property unless a solicitor or conveyancer certifies the application was made by you. Having a restriction also serves as a 'burglar alarm', deterring fraudsters when they are searching for properties to target.

The cost of registering this restriction is £100.00 + vat.


When property is owned by two or more people for their own benefit it is expressed to be owned by them either as joint tenants or tenants in common. These are legal terms which may be best described as follows:-

Beneficial Joint Tenants Where co-owners hold land as beneficial joint tenants whether or not they are married they will be deemed to own the property jointly and on the death of one party the land passes automatically to the survivor irrespective of that persons Will or the intestacy laws. The intestacy laws are applicable where a person dies without having made a Will as a result of which an Act of Parliament deals with the distribution of the Estate.

If therefore it is your intention that the property be bought jointly and you wish the property to pass to your partner on your death then the joint tenancy provisions will, of course, apply.

Tenants in Common Where property is held by co-owners as tenants in common each party will own a defined share of the property which they will stipulate. By owning the property as tenants in common you are able to reflect the percentages to which you will each be entitled in any future sale of the property reflecting the contribution made by each of you. A Deed of Trust should be drawn up to reflect the arrangement you have agreed.

On the death of one party that deceased persons share in the property would be disposed of under the terms of his Will or (if the person died without having made a Will) under the intestacy laws dealing with disposal i.e. to relatives as laid down by the intestacy laws.

(if you wish to hold the land as tenants in common but for the time being at least wish to leave the property to your partner then all this is required is a simple Will drawn to that effect)


Please return this form duly completed showing your intention. I require:-

A. The property to be held as joint tenants

B. The property to be held as tenants in common

If tenants in common denote here the shares % and %

C. Further advice before I make my decision