Client Questionnaire - Sale of Property

Client Name

Address of Property to be sold

Your Telephone No.




Email address:

1. Please state the FULL forenames and Surnames and addresses of all the owners of the property.

2. We shall require the Deeds of the Property:

a) If they are in mortgage please let us have the name and address of the Lender and account number.

b) If you hold the Deeds would you please arrange for them to be delivered to our offices as soon as possible?

c) If they are with your Bank, please arrange for the Bank to forward them to us. Would you let us have the name and address of the Bank?

3. Do you have any other loan secured on the property? If so, please let us have full details.

4. What is the agreed sale price?

5. Will you give vacant possession of the whole of the Property? If subject to existing tenancy please provide copies of Agreements and Notices

6. Please complete and return the attached Fixtures, Fittings and Contents List.

7. Please let us have the name and address and telephone number of your selling agents

8. Is your sale dependent on the purchase of another property? If so, please complete and return the Purchase Questionnaire provided.

9. Is the proposed sale due to divorce or separation?

10. Please complete and return the Sellers Property Information Form enclosed.

11. If the property is Leasehold, please complete the Sellers Leasehold Property Information Form enclosed

12. If you have married or changed your name since purchasing please provide your original Marriage Certificate or Change of Name Deed.

13. Please provide National Insurance number for each seller.